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At the Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation a former prosecutor and experienced trial attorney will fight to protect you and your rights. The law firm handles criminal and family law matters in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a misdemeanor or felony criminal case, or a family law matter, you can feel confident that you will have someone on your side representing your interests. You will have an experienced, tough, strategic, and compassionate lawyer to assist you through the legal system. We know that if you need the assistance of an Orange County criminal defense lawyer, or an attorney in a family law matter, you are experiencing a difficult time in your life. Our role is to help you through it and make sure that we are fighting to protect you and your rights. You can have peace of mind that the legal aspect of your issue is being handled by an experienced attorney that sees you as a person and knows that your life is in the balance.

Criminal Defense

If you are charged with a crime it can be an overwhelming experience. You need an attorney who can guide you through the process, give you good advice, and make sure your rights are protected. You need a lawyer with extensive trial experience who knows how to negotiate the best deal or take the case to trial. The Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation will do that for you. Attorney Sandra Nassar handles all types of criminal defense cases in Orange County and the surrounding areas in southern California. Our firm can take away some of the burden and give you peace of mind that you have an experienced, tough, and strategic lawyer working for you to protect your rights and defend you against the criminal charges. We have handled both misdemeanor and felony cases in both adult and juvenile court. We have handled almost every type of criminal charge that exists including driving under the influence (DUI), traffic, domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse, assaults, drugs, thefts, burglary, fraud, robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, sexual assault, weapons charges, attempted murder, and others. If you have been charged with any of these types of crimes or another crime in Orange County, you deserve to get the best criminal defense lawyer to represent you. We know that it can be difficult to make the call to get help, but it is the most important thing you can do. We know that sometimes good people make mistakes. Or sometimes people are wrongly accused. We have heard it all. And we will have a plan to help you. Do not wait. Call the Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation now.

Crime Survivor’s and Victim’s Rights

If you have been the victim of a crime or harassment, then there are steps you can take to protect your rights. Often times, you are scared and confused and not sure what steps to take to protect your rights. You need a victim’s rights lawyer to assist you through the legal system. Orange County lawyer Sandra Nassar has experience with victim’s rights issues and will protect you and your rights. A lawyer can assist you in filing a criminal case. As a victim, if there is a criminal case, you can assert rights to ensure that you are being heard and getting the resources you need. It is important to have an attorney who is experienced with victim’s rights, sometimes also called a Marsy’s law attorney, to make sure your rights are protected. Also, there are civil remedies that can be pursued to protect yourself including obtaining a restraining order. There are also several ways to obtain restitution and money damages for any losses including injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. Having a knowledgeable lawyer that handles victim’s rights cases is important. If the other party is a family member or someone you know, it can be especially difficult to navigate the process. The Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation has extensive experience protecting victims using the legal system. You deserve to have an experienced victim’s rights attorney represent you. Call the Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation now to get a lawyer who will advocate for you.

Family Law

If you have a family law matter that includes a restraining order, contempt proceeding, child abuse allegations, CACI hearing, dependency, a divorce, child custody, or support, you want an experienced trial attorney on your side that knows how to protect your rights and defend against attacks from the opposing side. We know that this is a difficult time in your life. You need the experience of an attorney that you can trust and that is tough, knowledgeable, and knows how to strategically deal with the matter and is comfortable in a courtroom setting and negotiating settlements. You need a family law attorney that will put you at ease that your interests are being represented. Orange County attorney Sandra Nassar can handle your family law matters. We know that having that kind of lawyer fighting for you will get you the best results. Call the Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation now to get some peace of mind that you have a lawyer fighting for you.


Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol and / or Drugs

The laws involving driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both have changed in recent years. Ms. Nassar has handled numerous DUI cases involving alcohol, drugs—both illegal and prescription—and a combination of both. A conviction can affect your driving privileges. In addition, jail time may be mandatory, and fines can be imposed. Prior convictions will increase the punishment. Ms. Nassar has also handled numerous misdemeanor and felony DUI charges, including DUIs where there was a collision, and another person was injured. An experienced attorney is needed to get the best results and Ms. Nassar knows what steps to take to achieve the best results in these cases. Orange County criminal defense lawyer Sandra Nassar is who you need on your side.

Domestic Violence / Child Abuse / Elder Abuse

If you commit a crime against a current or former spouse, current or former romantic partner, or household member it can be considered a domestic violence crime. There are specific domestic violence crimes, such as domestic battery and infliction of corporal injury on a current or former spouse, ex-spouse, finance, or dating partner. However, almost any crime can be charged as domestic violence. Also, the prosecutor will determine if the acts are charged as a misdemeanor or felony. In most cases a criminal protective order, also known as a restraining order, will be issued. Child abuse or child endangerment cases may involve Social Services Agency and / or Child Support Services (CSP), in addition to the criminal court. Elder abuse and neglect and financial abuse are difficult charges. These cases can be complex because they often involve family or persons that know each other. Whether you are charged in Orange County or a surrounding county, a criminal defense attorney that has extensive experience in these types of cases is who you need. You need Ms. Nassar on your case.

Assault and Battery

There are numerous types of felony and misdemeanor assault charges. Simple assault or battery are misdemeanor charges. This is typically charged if someone was hit or almost hit but there are no injuries or minor injuries. If a weapon was used, then likely assault with a deadly weapon will be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony. If the injuries are more serious then likely aggravated assault or mayhem will be charged. There are also enhancements that can be added to some charges to increase the punishment. The prosecutor makes the decision if the charges should be alleged as a misdemeanor or felony charge. However, a judge will usually be able to reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor if certain evidence is presented. It is important to have an experienced attorney that understands what factors a prosecutor or judge will consider in determining what is an appropriate charge and punishment. Also, an experienced attorney will be able to determine if any defenses apply which would mean the person is not guilty of the crime. Knowing what facts to look for and what information is needed to make the best case is what you need if charged with these types of crimes. Orange County criminal defense lawyer Sandra Nassar is experienced in handling these cases and knows what to do to get the best outcomes.


Whether theft is charged as a misdemeanor OR a felony will be determined by the value of the item stolen, what item was stolen, and from where the item was stolen. For example, taking items from a store if under $950 will likely be a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. However, taking items from a person in the store, such as an employee, or with a weapon will likely be a felony charge. Theft of a vehicle or taking a vehicle or stealing items from a house which could be considered residential burglary, will likely be charged as a felony. There are several other theft and fraud charges that can be brought depending on the circumstances. Ms. Nassar has the experience to handle these cases.

Drug Crimes

Most drug possession crimes are now misdemeanors due to recent changes in the law. Possession of drugs for sale and drug sales cases are still felony crimes. While jail time is still the most common sentence, there are still options for rehabilitation and drug court or other diversion programs. Ms. Nassar knows the best options and works with her clients to achieve the best results for the case and for her client’s lives.

Violent Crimes / Sex Crimes

There are numerous serious and violent felony crimes including sex crimes that a person can face. These charges are typically strike offenses and can include substantial prison time. If you are charged in Orange County or a surrounding county, an experienced criminal defense attorney will know the best approach to these cases and can make a different to the ultimate result. Ms. Nassar knows what to do.

Probation / Post-Conviction / Expungement

If you have already plead guilty to a crime and are on probation and have been charged with a probation violation, it can have serious consequences for additional punishment and can limit your ability for relief later. It is possible to negotiate probation violations and get a more favorable result. Also, in certain circumstances it is possible to terminate probation early. After probation is completed, most convictions can be expunged and dismissed. There are even certain circumstances where you can withdraw your original plea. There are several different post-convictions options to pursue to help clean up a criminal record. Ms. Nassar knows the different options and will help you clean up your record.

Consult an Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyer in Orange County

If you have been charged with a crime, are the victim of a crime, have a juvenile or family law matter, or need legal assistance to protect your rights, you need to call the Law Offices of Sandra Nassar, A Professional Corporation at (800) 260-2026. When you call, you will speak with an experienced attorney and you will be one step closer to protecting yourself and your rights. Make yourself a priority and make the call now.

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Sandra Nassar
Sandra Nassar is a fierce advocate for her clients. She is passionate about helping people and making sure that the legal system treats people fairly. She understands the long-term impact a legal case can have on a person's life. She has taken her knowledge from over twenty years of experience working for federal, state, and local prosecutorial agencies and is using it to fight for her clients to get them the best results possible.

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I found myself needing a lawyer at one of the most vulnerable times in my life. I needed a lawyer who was strong, but who understood what I was going through and could be understanding of my situation. Sandra Nassar helped me through this difficult time. I cannot praise her enough for all her help...

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